Correct File System Label path using windows shared folder

I’m using Ver. 12.4 of fess.
I’m crawling a pdf archive on another windows-server in a windows shared folder. With crawling all works fine but you have no search hits when you choose a label in the search options. Without choosing a label you’re getting hits. So I think the label included path is wrong. I’m taking the url from the fess-crawler.log for included path: INFO Crawling URL: file:////se_rver2/PDF-Archive/ressortone/2001/
So, can anybody help me out getting the correct label path for a windows shared folder?

Besides the labeling to a webside with a http-URL works fine.

Best regards

What is your setting for the label?

Name -> Ressortone
Value -> ressortone
Included Paths -> file:////se_rver2/PDF-Archive/ressortone/

file:////se_rver2/PDF-Archive/ressortone/ is not indexed because of a folder.

That was the solution! Thank you! :slight_smile:
For al who want to crawl windows shared folder:

Crawler -> FileSystem: Path -> file:////se_rver2/PDF-Archive/

Crawler -> Label: Included Paths -> file:////se_rver2/PDF-Archive/ressortone/.*