configParameter any parameter ending with key= gets expanded to {cipher}01234565...

Describe the bug

Wen saving configParameter on a Webcrawler, an entry ending with key= gets expanded to a {cipher}5041f6a0eef9ebe47e05492791c0... code.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. create a new webcrawler
  2. enter the field configParameter (Konfigurationsparameter)
  3. enter the text field.xpath.sw_searchkey=//META[@name="sw-searchkey"]/@content
  4. click save
  5. now the entry was changed to field.xpath.sw_searchkey={cipher}5041f6a0eef9ebe47e05492791c0b48f5aa470d3910713b2382deac0e3895698910ac982ec937302dc03fde8eaac39b6

is this a expected behavior? Should i file a bug on github?

Fess Version: 13.12.0

It’s not a bug.
If the name contains some words such as key, Fess encodes a value of it. If you want to exclude the encoding, you can change the following setting in*password|.*key|.*token|.*secret