Common search by filename + content

My common use case is to search file name and content in local network samba shared folders. Most of the file is well renamed for easy classification under each folder.
Since folder name is not indexed by Fess, most of the time I rely on filenames.
For example, 123abc_ddd.pdf , I have to search like this

Is it possible to configure to search without asterisk and filename, just type abc. that is to search filename and content by default without asterisk.

Thank you for your time.

Since filename is keyword field, wildcard query is needed.
Did you try inurl:abc?

Thanks for quick reply. inurl cures me a bit.
But I wonder if there will be some tips or tricks to combine the finename and content in one shot without wildcard, since typing always the same keyword seems redundant.
If not, hope this will be in the road map.

For the specific customaization, since Fess is OSS, you can modify the code and settings. To edit field settings, enough knowledge for elasticsearch is required. The field mapping is in doc.json. If you need more supports for specific requests, please contact commercial supports.