Click the document's href but get wrong url?

I have some documents set the same url using data store crawling the mysql data like “localhost/#/team/1/space/1/page/1”,in search result page, i click the document’s title, i expected the website redirect the url of the document like “localhost/#/team/1/space/1/page/1” as normal website.

But, i click the title, the website redirect “localhost/#/team/1/space/1/page/1#/team/1/space/1/page/1”, the url has some extra string after the right url. i click two or three times, it redirect the right url without extra string, it is so wierd… :rofl:

I check the source code of html using F12, the content of tag is different when is click the mouse,
Initial content is like “https://xxxxxxx
I firstly right click the mouse, the herf becomes “go/?rt/#/team/1/space/1/page/1&hash=XXX#/team/1/space/1/page/1”(just example, the point is parameter appears two time".
I secondly right click the mouse, the herf becomes"go/?rt/#/team/1/space/1/page/1"(just example, the point is parameter appears one time and url is right)

Every title when i click it will from “https://xxx” becomes “go/?rt/#/team/1/space/1/page/1&hash=XXX#/team/1/space/1/page/1”(wrong url) becomes “go/?rt/#/team/1/space/1/page/1”(right url).
I click so many documents, the all have the same problem, i don’t think the reason is the non unique url.
I use chrome and ie, they have same problem, i think it’s fess’s js bug.

Does any one meet same problem?

Did you edit JSP pages? rt parameter or data looks broken. Could you provide the steps to reproduce it?

I did’t edit JSP pages, the step i did is like:

  1. Delete the fess.20230707 and another file having date which i think is data file in dashboard
  2. Insert a data store which connecting the mysql, just like

url=url // the document is html doc and the url is its links, and for some reason it's not unique, but i test the page and every url i click redirect the wrong url.
last_modified=new java.util.Date()
  1. Create a schedule job from the data store page in step 2 and start
  2. Waiting the crawler job done
  3. Search key word in fess home page
  4. Click the title of document in result page
  5. The web redirect the new web page but the url is wrong// i tested, if i right click the the titile of document two times (using f12 to check the html, and the from the “http://xxxx” becomes the “go/?rt/#/team/1/space/1/page/1&hash=XXX#/team/1/space/1/page/1”), i will redirect the right url and web page when i left click the title(using f12 to check the html, the becomes the “go/?rt/#/team/1/space/1/page/1” which can redirect the right page).

Thank you for the info.
Currently, Fess does not support URLs containing #. It’ll be improved in the future release.

ok, thank you :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: