Canonical, no-index and no-follow in log?


In our earier version of Fess we could see in fess-crawler.log wich url:s had canonical references and wich url:s had no-index and no-follow.

In the new 14.10 there are non of that in fess-urls.log. Is there a way to get that back?

I do not think fess-crawler.log has been changed. URLs that aren’t indexed aren’t included in “fess-urls.log”.

It was thie log level in the script who was set to warn instead of info
return container.getComponent(“crawlJob”).logLevel(“info”).sessionId(“oruseANDInforum”).webConfigIds([“6gU6cGsBOSEUn5yAve7V”,“6QU5cGsBOSEUn5yAhe7l”] as String[]).fileConfigIds([] as String[]).dataConfigIds([] as String[]).jobExecutor(executor).execute();

I fixed it!