can replace crawling result of 'title' and 'content' fields (with regexp)?

Fess is very sexy product, thank you.

by the way, two fields title and content can be replaced to any word?
because some websites have prefix in title and/or content.

for example below.

  • <title>NICE TEA SHOP - Lipton</title>
  • <title>NICE TEA SHOP - Twining</title>
  • <title>NICE TEA SHOP - Tetley</title>
  • <title>NICE TEA SHOP - Typhoo</title>
  • <title>NICE TEA SHOP - Yorkshire Tea</title>

I wanna remove prefix NICE TEA SHOP - .
is it available?


It will be support in the next release.

In Fess 11.2, you can put script settings in Config Parameters.

field.script.title=context.doc.remove("title");title.replace("NICE TEA SHOP - ", "")

thanks for well answer and great solution!
I expect next release!