Can I post JSON file using postman int

I am new to fess. I wanted to “put” a json object using /api/admin/searchlist/doc/ …created a label in Fess and I am including label in the Json object without creating any crawler configuration. Response is successful but I don’t see the document when I query fess. Am I doing something wrong? Am I missing something, is it possible to create a json object without configuring any of the crawler…like idx file in most of search platforms.


"crudmode": 1,



     "role": "Rguest",

     "label": ["labelName"],



     "url": "",


     "q": "test"



You can check if it was indexed by searching : on Admin Search page. Name, description, and q fields are not a default field for Fess. It’s better to use a content field for a search.

Can you please help me understand: are you asking me to append “content” as below?
“crudmode”: 1,
“doc”: {
“title”: “test1234”,
“role”: “Rguest”,
“label”: [
“name”: “poc2”,
“description”: “testing1234”,
“url”: “”,
“boost”: 1,
“q”: “test”,
“content” : “shskjdhfkshfkl”

It worked like a charm. Thanks much!!