Can Fess indicate link of path for Explorer on search result ?


We using Fess10.0.3 on Windows2012R2.
The main purpose is a File server document search.

The search result indicate the path of file://~ + file name normally,
but we have a request that link of path for Explorer instead of it.
Or in addition to it.

The version up to recently version or paid support be a solution ?

Fess 10 is EOLed. See EOL.
If you need any support, please contact Commercial Support.

I know what you say.
We can use recently version, so can recently version indicate link of path for Explorer on search result ?

You can edit JSP file at Page Design page.

Thanks !
Show me a fee of Commercial Support.
By getting Commercial Support, we can get it on Fess 10 ?

I resolved by myself.
Adding to searchResults.jsp.

<c:set var=“filename”>
<c:set var=“fullpath_name” value="${fn:substring(doc.urlLink, 0, fn:length(doc.urlLink) - fn:length(filename) + 2)}" />
(Open Folder)


But, it can open Explorer by only IE. not Chrome.