Can a File Crawler exclude the actual file title from being searched?

Based on my investigation, if a certain file to be crawled has a certain value set to its TITLE, then during Fess Search, both the title along with the FILE CONTENTS are the target search coverage, whereas if the TITLE is empty/unused, both FILENAME and CONTENTS are the search coverage.

So, I’m wondering if there’s a way for the TITLE to be skipped, and instead just have the FILENAME and CONTENTS as search coverage?

  • FILENAME: help_003.pdf
  • TITLE: PowerPoint Presentation
  • KEYWORD to be SEARCHed : pdf

In this example, if I search for pdf, then this file named help_003.pdf will not be shown in the search results. However, if the TITLE is empty, it will be shown. That’s why I’m thinking if there’s a way to skip the TITLE during File Search.

You can ignore meta properties of files to set to an empty value in

It’s working perfectly now.