Avoid Download File in Temp Folder and Open File directly from source server ?

(from github.com/mon-routeur)
I try to open file directly on IE, i add my server url into “Secured Site” on IE and he refused to open it from source server, the file is donwloaded into temp file and open.
I see the href link is http://MY_URL/go/?rt=1501163584656&docId=8d0d658da70f4b7a976b50a1e012b73a&queryId=c1ba1c8ef8d641fea8898f73a26bc613&order=2
And not file://MY_SERVER/service informatique/gesdoc2/tmp/gardes/Pages-de-Garde-241116-1p.pdf

How can change this for open file directly from Source Server and avoid download the file in temp folder.

(from github.com/marevol)
To disable Content Proxy, please add search.file.proxy=false to system.properites.

(from github.com/mon-routeur)
I add search.file.proxy=false to system.properties and but not work. He try to open a smb:// link and i have a File Not Found, if i replace smb:// with file:// into the url there are the same issue.

(from github.com/marevol)
You need to use Path Mapping to replace smb: with file:.
In this case, View process type is proper.

(from github.com/freestyle68)
Tried with:

Regexp.: smb:
Replacement: file:
Process Type: Displaying

and it works only with namefiles without spaces.

With spaces the path is translated as


and I get the error

This page can’t be displayed

Tested with IE 11.
So, there is a problem with blank spaces, perhaps the bug is derived from %20 there is in proxed links.

(from github.com/freestyle68)
The problem is solved adding also this path mapping:

Regexp.:      \u0020
Replacement:  %20
Process Type: Displaying