API to add new crawlers?

(from github.com/comschmid)
I tested Fess 11.0.1 (well done!) and looked through the documentation but didn’t find an answer to my question: is there an API available or planned that programmatically allows to add/remove crawlers?

Thank you for any pointers!

(from github.com/marevol)
Admin API will be introduced in Fess 11.1.
For current versions, configurations are in .fess_config index of elasticsearch.
To modify configuration with API, elasticsearch REST API is available.

(from github.com/comschmid)
Great, looking forward to Fess 11.1!
Thank you for this wonderful piece of software!

(from github.com/abolotnov)
I have the same question for version 12.4 - looks like the admin API is not yet available and the crawler configuration is no longer stored in elastic index? Is there a way to manage crawlers programmatically in 12.4? Thanks!

(from github.com/marevol)
It’s available in Fess 12.
See I/F doc.