Admin API - Create Scheduler bug

I have been working with 11.4.6 & 12.0 with these docs:

I am able to create a web crawler as well as a scheduler - however, the scheduled job gets created with Crawler Job & Status disabled, and I cannot start the crawler through the Admin API with it disabled. No matter how I try and create the scheduler job, it never enables it.

Here is what I am sending to create the job:

{"name":"Scheduler-Test","target":"all","script_type":"groovy","script_data":"return container.getComponent(\"crawlJob\").logLevel(\"info\").sessionId(\"KGbJzGABNFb2ZLGNJe-H\").webConfigIds([\"KGbJzGABNFb2ZLGNJe-H\"] as String[]).fileConfigIds([] as String[]).dataConfigIds([] as String[]).jobExecutor(executor).execute();","crawler":"true","job_logging":"true","available":"true","sort_order":0}

This results in the following scheduler job being created:

Is this a known issue?


Replace with “on” as below:


Boolean will be supported in a next release.

Perfect, that works, thanks. I tried “enable” as well… Didn’t think to try “on” .

Thanks again