About "UNASSIGNED" shards

I tried to set up a Single Node mode Opensearch with Fess on my local computer.

Fess: 14.10.0
Opensearch: 2.9.0

Anyway, after startup I found there some “UNASSIGNED” shards:

PS D:> curl.exe -XGET http://localhost:9200/_cat/shards?v|findstr “UNA”

.opensearch-sap-log-types-config 0 r UNASSIGNED
.opensearch-sap-pre-packaged-rules-config 0 r UNASSIGNED
.plugins-ml-config 0 r UNASSIGNED

What’s it?
Can I neglect it? Or not how to fix it?

When I

It’s a problem in OpenSearch.
You need to change number_of_replicas to 0 for the indices.