About query in the search line.

FESS: 14.11.0
Opensearch: 2.11.0

I’m wonder if I can use JAVA regexp match in the fess search.
For example, I plan to search files in a directory: Folder1
but if I input query: url:/Folder1?.pdf
FESS only give me results: xx/Folder1*.pdf
but I hope can also get files in the directory: folder1

I tried to change query to url:/[fF]older1/.pdf

However it does not work, no result found.

My understanding of FESS query is using java match expression, but actually seems not correct.
Am I wrong?
And is there any query that can get below both "Folder! and “folder1”?

The query syntax does not support Java regular expressions.
However, it does support wildcard queries, similar to url:*Filder?.pdf .

Thank you so much.
Is there any way to query “Folder1.pdf” and “field1.pdf” in
the one query ?
Like filename:[Ff]ield1.pdf

Fess Query syntax is based on Lucene syntax, so you might need to use an OR query.

Thank you so much for your reply.
I’ll try it.