Terms "aliases"

First and foremost, thanks for supporting such a great product like Fess. You guys are lifesavers!

I’m crawling a couple of websites that I can’t easily modify, hence I’m not able to manipulate the digest data at the origin. I want to get a certain result by using several different search terms but these are not in the indexed result digest or content field.

I’m wondering If I can set a list of aliases that, when searching for any of them, Fess would return the results of another term.

Searching for the term “engine” returns a list of the results I want.
Searching for “moto”, “motorcycle” or “car” always returns an empty list (because the results I want don’t have these words on them)

Is it possible to return the list of “engine” results when searching for any of the terms listed in the example above?

Thank you!


I think you can add them to synonym.txt.

  1. Add moto,car to Source and engine to Target on synonym.txt
  2. Start reindex in Maintainace page(uncheck Reset Dictionaries)
  3. Remove fess.yyyymmdd index without fess.search alias if the reindex is finished on Dashboard page