i saw this page
:Part 17: Database crawl
But how i can connect to SQL Server 2016 ?
what to write at
driver= ?
url= ?

Thank you

Please see Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server.

You can upload Jar file for MSSQL Server at Plugin page. url is like jdbc:sqlserver://... and I think driver is com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerDriver .

Thank you , i uploaded the jar file and now it’s look better
i change the log level to Debug and i see that fess success to connect to my DB
also i see message like “added document (2kb ,15ms) the number of document cache is 4 .”
“sending 4 documents to a server”
but when i do a search i don’t see any results from the DB.
Maybe I did not write the SCRIPT correctly ? what i need to write ?

I think the script is wrong. For the script, it depends on your environment.

what to write in the script ?
it’s field mapping between SQL to Elastic ?
i don’t see any error in fess-crawler.log

An examle is here.