Question about search querys with * and without

Hey i have a problem that some files can’t be found through the search unless you put two * around the query like this: example

For example if i search for GOÄ Schulung i get 0 Results but if i search for *GOÄ**Schulung* i get 17, if i put a space between the two like this *GOÄ* *Schulung* i get 569.

Is this expected behaviour? Because i would think that the search with and without the * should display the same. Im on Version 13.10.4 will a update resolve this issue or is there a way to get the search to act like i put every word in * without acually putting the * around them?
And could * be used case insensitive?

Another Problem is that if i search for Gesprächsprotokoll i get 0 Results but if i search gesprächsprotokoll i get 139, the file that i search has Gesprächsprotokoll in the title with the capital but can only be found without the capital.

OK i found a solution,
i edited the doc.json file and copied the settings from content to the url field like this:
"url": { "type": "text", "analyzer": "standard_analyzer", "search_analyzer": "standard_search_analyzer", "term_vector": "with_positions_offsets" }
The above mentioned problems were likely caused by my attempts of getting rid of the metadata title, trough just removing the value.