Protwords - not working

I would like to search on a term such as “Networking” and not have Fess stem. So, this search term would not return “Networks” or “Network”.

I have added “Networking” to en/protwords.txt.

However, if I search for “Networking” or “Networks” or “Network”, I always get the same results.

I have deleted all documents and re-crawled. I have also tried closing the index and re-opening it.

I may have this configured wrong. Any assistance would be appreciated.


  1. Navigate to: Dashboard > More > Analysis > Analyze by Analyzer
  2. Enter the following:
    2a. Index name: fess.20190313
    2b. Analyzer name: english_analyzer
    2c. Text to analyze: Networking

If I switch to a different language, it shows it stemming.

English looks correct in the dashboard but searches don’t seem to work.

english_analyzer uses possessive_english.
To change it, you need to modify fess.json and recreate fess index.

The steps I took to re-create the Fess index, are as follows based upon this:

  1. Delete fess.yyyymmdd index on dashboard
  2. Stop Fess
  3. Start Fess
  4. A new fess.yyyymmdd index is created automatically

I edited /usr/share/fess/app/WEB-INF/classes/fess_indices/fess.json. It was originally:

"english_analyzer": {
  "type": "custom",
  "tokenizer": "standard",
  "filter": [

I removed this line: possessive_stemmer_en_filter

I then re-recreated the Fess index (based on the above steps). However, it is still not working…

Any other ideas?

/var/lib/elasticsearch/config/en/protwords.txt contains “Networking”

I suppose I should mention I am running a search as follows:


Fess is a hybrid index with standard_analyzer and language_analyzer.
So, you need to also check standard_analyzer.