Label translations?

Is there way to define translations to the labels?

So if I have label “News”, and I want show Swedish translation “Nyheter” when I am searching Swedish text

No. Label does not have a translation.

But it’ll be supported in the next release.

How about Fess Site Search? Does it require changes to work with label translations?

It’ll be supported in a future release, but I’m not sure when we implement it.

Any advise how can I get labels translated now?

Fess handles a locale by checking a suffix of the Name. ex. labelname_ja is Japanese.

In that case, shouldn’t LabelType.getLocale() must be derived from the getName() and not from the getValue()?

public Locale getLocale() {
    if (locale == null) {
        if (getValue() == null) {
            return Locale.ROOT;
        locale = ComponentUtil.getFessConfig().getQueryLocaleFromName(getValue());
    return locale;

And if locale is something else than Locale.ROOT, the getter LabelTypeHelper.LabelTypeItem#getLabel() should strip the language suffix away.

Oh, sorry, it’s Value, not Name. Since this feature does not strip the suffix, you need to set it as one of the labels.