JSON API: How do I get the next page/specific page number?

(from github.com/qmaxquique)
Hi, I’m trying to use the JSON API to get results programmatically.

When I post to http://localhost:8081/json/?q=word&num=10 I get the expected JSON output like this

  "response": {
    "version": 11,
    "status": 0,
    "q": "array",
    "query_id": "4bf66142a6614cc19d120a921b421e3a",
    "exec_time": 0.03,
    "query_time": 5,
    "page_size": 10,
    "page_number": 1,
    "record_count": 168,
    "page_count": 17,
    "result": [ ... ]

I’m wondering how to get the next page or/and how to specify a page number of my search.

I’ve tried something like: http://localhost:8081/json/?q=word&pn=2&num=10 but it didn’t work.


(from github.com/marevol)
Please see JSON API.

$ curl -s -XGET "https://search.n2sm.co.jp/json/?q=fess&start=20&num=20"|jq '.'|more
  "response": {
    "version": 11.1,
    "status": 0,
    "q": "fess",
    "query_id": "94e9e0b63ed6458cb5fa5bbfca9994fe",
    "exec_time": 0.14,
    "query_time": 22,
    "page_size": 20,
    "page_number": 2,
    "record_count": 7833,
    "page_count": 392,

(from github.com/qmaxquique)
Excellent. Thank you!