failed to start fess.service

when I try to start the fess 13.12.2 on Red hat 7 I got this message “failed to start fess.service unit not found” (new installation)
I installed the OpenJDK11U and fess 13.12.2, for now without external Elasticsearch server
I would appreciate your advice :slight_smile:

Please see Installation Guide and check log files.

where is the log files?

Log files are in /var/log/fess, and also you can check system logs in systemd.

thank you for your answer
no log file found at /var/log/fess
i saw other Discussion about the java , i think it OK (when i run the “sudo which java” i get the path to JAVA)
but now i get this error when after run the command
sudo systemctl status fess.service

active : failed …
Code-exited , status=1/FAILURE
fess.service :main process exited , code=exited , status=1/FAILURE
Unit fess.service entered failed state

Please check the service logs on OS.

when i start the fess with ./fess i got this message
"not found the config file in classpath :

If you use rpm package, you cannot run fess command. Please see Installation Guide.

I started a new installation.
Elasticsearch: 7.12.1
fess 13.12.2
java 16.0.1
server - linuk redhat 7

And now I get the following error message

org.lastaflute.di.exception.ContainerInitFailureException: Look! Read the message below.
/* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Failed to initialize the container.



[Included by]
Caused by: org.lastaflute.di.core.exception.IllegalMethodRuntimeException: [ESSR0060]Can not configure method(open) of, because [fess.20210617] IndexNotFoundException[no such index]

I saw one thing that I could not solve: when i check the elasticsearch-plugin i dont see the configsync plugin

maybe this is the problem ?

See Installation Guide.

i saw the installation guide but still have a problem
Can you recommend me what to check? what could be the problem?
I did the installation according to the manual and it seems that FESS find the elasticsearch
But does not find INDEX
why i dont see the configsync when i check with elasticsearch-plugin
i copy the content from the zip file to /usr/share/elasticsearch/modules/configsync
This is the path to configsync ?
configsync.config_path: /var/lib/elasticsearch/config
i use the configsync ver 7.12.0 i dont find the 7.12.1 (i installed elastic ver 7.12.1)

Thanks :slight_smile:

configsync is not a plugin.
I think Fess cannot connect to elasticsearch, and it’s better to check log files in elasticsearch.