Error creating fess user on Linux Mint

Here is the console output I’m getting using the .deb release.

/tmp $ sudo dpkg -i fess-10.3.0.deb
(Reading database … 311366 files and directories currently installed.)
Preparing to unpack fess-10.3.0.deb …
Creating fess user…Option d is ambiguous (debug, disabled-login, disabled-password)
adduser [–home DIR] [–shell SHELL] [–no-create-home] [–uid ID]
[–firstuid ID] [–lastuid ID] [–gecos GECOS] [–ingroup GROUP | --gid ID]
[–disabled-password] [–disabled-login] [–encrypt-home] USER
Add a normal user

adduser --system [–home DIR] [–shell SHELL] [–no-create-home] [–uid ID]
[–gecos GECOS] [–group | --ingroup GROUP | --gid ID] [–disabled-password]
[–disabled-login] USER
Add a system user

adduser --group [–gid ID] GROUP
addgroup [–gid ID] GROUP
Add a user group

addgroup --system [–gid ID] GROUP
Add a system group

adduser USER GROUP
Add an existing user to an existing group

general options:
–quiet | -q don’t give process information to stdout
–force-badname allow usernames which do not match the
NAME_REGEX[_SYSTEM] configuration variable
–extrausers uses extra users as the database
–help | -h usage message
–version | -v version number and copyright
–conf | -c FILE use FILE as configuration file

dpkg: error processing archive fess-10.3.0.deb (–install):
subprocess new pre-installation script returned error exit status 1
Errors were encountered while processing:

Filed #801.
We will fix it this week…