Can I override "click_count" when crawl ?

I am trying to overwrite “click_count” when crawling CMS (Joomla) data from mysql.

Specifically, when I output search results in API, I want the result to be output in descending order of “hits”.
(“hits” is the number of articles viewed in Joomla)

I set “click_count=hits” to “script” in the crawler setting but it was not overwritten.

I think that I should also invalidate counting the number of clicks of the search result of FESS.
Is it possible to realize this?

Fess manages click_count and favorite_count.
So, it’s better to use other own field after adding it.

Thank you for your reply.

Then, I investigated how to add fields from the past issues.

Is the procedure as follows? ( When adding a field named “hits” )

  1. Edit doc.json (path:app/WEB-INF/classes/fess_indices/fess/doc.json)
"hits": {
"type": "keyword"
  1. Edit (path: /etc/fess/ )

(Is it also necessary to set up the following comments? )

  1. Restart FESS

(The version of FESS is 12.1.)

It seems like it was solved.

Finally,I changed as follows
1.Edit doc.json

+      "hits": {
+       "type": "long" 
+      },



Restart FESS and ran reindex in upgrade page. ( /admin/upgrade/ )

Please teach if there are unnecessary settings.