Approx. maximum number of docs?


this might be the most common question at all? Up to what limit of docs will a fess-server work with query answer times smaller than 1 sec? ? After doing first tests I’d guess, that this maximum number of docs in ONE index might be limited to approx. 1 million docs? To which number might I push that limit using many indexes (still in one server)? The server has 32 GB of RAM and 4 TB disks.

Or should I switch from the beginning to ElasticSearch only? The number of indexed docs should be in the end around some 100 millions. Would this be possible with an elasticsearch-based fess-cluster?

If anyone can answer, I would be really very grateful!

Throughput depends on elasticsearch.
So, for throughput improvement, see elasticsearch documents.
In production, we recommend using Fess with Elasticsearch cluster.
(“Embedded Elasticsearch is not recommended for production use.” in Installation Guide)
Our customers manage over X0 million documents and they work on Fess with ES cluster.
For more supports, please ask commercial support.