Add ImageUrl field

can you add in field ,

Need more info…

i use data store in Fees , i have image url from in my content


ImageUrl field not exist in Fess ,


web crawling read from meta tag

meta property=“image” content=“

and store in ImageUrl for thumb image

If you want to add additional field, insert the following configuration into app/WEB-INF/classes/crawler/transformer.xml. I think image_url field is added to fess index.

                <postConstruct name="addFieldRule">
                        <arg>"//META[@ property =\"image\"]/@content"</arg>


I loved Fess

and i can use in web store this field ?

Yes. It works on Web Crawling configuration.

If you want to use image_url in JSP file, you also need to modify


how add this fields in json callback in FEss

JSON Response

As for 10.2, it’s in app/WEB-INF/classes/app.xml.

    <component name="queryHelper" class="org.codelibs.fess.helper.QueryHelper">
            <property name="apiResponseFields">["content_description",

In 10.3, it’ll be in


hi ,
Now i can use image_url , but i can’t update records in Administrator, because my some records have image and some records have not image and i get Exception for Update records .

Need more details.

i add additional fields=image_url in crawler

some pages not exist META[@ property =“image”]/@content"

now in Administrator in url /admin/searchlist/

screenshot 2

when click in update …
I see

System Error
Contact the Site Administrator.

I see.
Additional field editing is not supported at the moment.
We will support it in the next release.

i don’t want editing in Additional field

how now

System Error
Contact the Site Administrator.


when not exist image_url

System Error
Contact the Site Administrator.

when exist image_url , is work