add author to the results

hi maravol,
we are trying to add author to the search results, but no luck so far.

added these to

also added these to the doc.json:
“author”: {
“type”: “text”,

then we crawl again,but author response is blank. what are we missing?

  • Delete indexed documents before crawling
  • Check if a file contains it as meta information
  • : in meta:lasta-author might need to be escaped

deleted the indexed docs, re-crawled. not working.
checked the search result urls, they have meta tag as author
commented out the meta:last-author in

still not working,

also tried to add author as an index field, and response field, not working.
made type text/keyword in doc.json and still i have no author data written to the elasticsearch.
what am i missing?

Please check fess-crawler.log with debug level logging.

solved it.
had to add this to the web crawler config:


thanks for your help :slight_smile: