Access Token Usage


  • I have created a role named internal.
  • I have a Label with Permissions: {role}internal.
  • I have a Web Crawler with Permissions: {role}internal that has added content to the index. Documents in the index have the role Rinternal and have been assigned the appropriate Labels.
  • I have created an Access Token with Name internal, Permissions {role}internal, Parameter Name internal_token, Expired 2018-01-01T00:00:00 and Token l8aOrF3pzXKJOxaJgpgekE7QGWvo1SEFMhb8IukuMNLU3eDAdxfM30sGhTMI.

How can I use this token to query the API?

I thought it would be something like:

curl -H "Authorization: internal_token l8aOrF3pzXKJOxaJgpgekE7QGWvo1SEFMhb8IukuMNLU3eDAdxfM30sGhTMI" http://localhost:8080/json/\?q\=test

Could you try:

curl -H "Authorization: l8aOrF3pzXKJOxaJgpgekE7QGWvo1SEFMhb8IukuMNLU3eDAdxfM30sGhTMI" http://localhost:8080/json/\?q\=test

@marevol - Yes! That works. Thanks :slight_smile: